$10 Regular/ $30 Vertical (Includes a GRV glass)
Bring in a glass from another participating member of Willcox Wine Country, and you will receive a discount on your tasting.

Event Hosting at Golden Rule

Event Guidelines & Policies

As we are not a full-service event venue, there are certain things we can certainly accommodate and some tasks that will need to be outsourced to other vendors, for the event to take place here. We will work to be as accommodating as possible during the process, and truly look forward to your future event at GRV!

What CAN we provide
  • The Location: We can offer a variety of settings and arrangements at both the tasting room and inside the vineyard itself.
  • The Wine: Of course! We can make sure your party has a plentiful supply of GRV wine to suit everybody’s tastes.
  • Assistance acquiring catering services: We will gladly assist you in locating and arranging details with restaurants and catering services throughout Southern Arizona to make your event the best possible.
  • Basic Staffing: Our staff is generally quite limited, but we can provide a maximum of 3-4 staff (at an additional fee) to help guests, serve, etc. depending on the circumstances.
What we CANNOT provide
  • Full-service dining: As we do not have an on-site commercial kitchen, we are not able to prepare meals directly on-site. We will certainly work with you to find full catering services to make full course meals possible.
  • Larger Numbers of Tables & Chairs: We keep a modest quantity of basic (non-formal) tables and folding chairs on hand, but for groups larger than 35 and events that require elegant and/or formal settings, those supplies will need to be brought in (at the group’s expense).

Event Hosting Inquiry Form

Tasting Reservations

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