Arizona’s Old West is the New Frontier

Our area of Arizona’s Old West is the New Frontier for wine production. Golden Rule Vineyards is located in a high elevation (4,350 ft) climate providing intense sunlight, warm sunny days, cool evenings and near-constant airflows that enhance the flavor of our wines. The alluvial soils in our region of the Sulphur Springs Valley formed from decomposed granite and quartz over soft calcium carbonate limestone. We believe the character of our wines represent both the distinct terroir and our passion for excellence both in the growing of our fruit and the making of our wines. We are proud of our young wines and enjoy sharing them with our friends and community.

Planted 2007-2008

  • Sangiovese: 3 Acres; Clones 02 & 12
  • Syrah: 3.37 Acres; Clone 06
  • Zinfandel: 4.5 Acres; Clone 06

Planted 2010

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 3.75 Acres; Clone 04

Planted 2011

  • Cabernet Franc: 1.28 Acres;
    Clones 04 & 12
  • Grenache: 3.75 Acres;
    Clone 01, 03, and Alban
  • Mourvedre: 1.88 Acres; Clone 02
  • Petite Sirah – Durif: 3.75 Acres;
    Clone 03
  • Petit Verdot: .6 Acres; Clone 02
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Wine Selection

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